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To equip the students with essential education and values to excel in life.


To make marvellous minds master education through melticulous training and multi various activities.


School is a place of pride to one and all. It is the place where one is prepared to meet the future challenges of one’s life. The school achieves this by introducing the young generation of the society to master in the basic skills of Reading, Writing, Arithmetic and the Computers and serves as a ladder for success in higher education and personal pursuits. Apart from bringing the closer –to-heart dreams of the students nearer to see and dearer to profess, the school also plays a significant role in grooming the personality of the students and capacitating them to meet new people, use new resources, try new ideas, learn new techniques and further their skills so to broaden their horizons of exposure, experience and expertise.

The M.A.M. Group of Institutions is proud of you for having chosen the M.A.M. Matriculation Higher Secondary School for educating your children and we welcome you all for the best of experiences we are to offer.

M.A.M. Matriculation Higher Secondary School is one among the many prestigious institutions found by the Maluk Educational, Health and Charitable Trust that is located in 45 acres of sprawling prime land, 23 kilometers north of Tiruchirappalli, abutting the National Highway 45, in Tamil Nadu. The school was founded with a motive to bridge the gap between the capabilities of the students and the expectations of the professional institutions, to which it has stood committed and continues to be, since the time of its inception in the year 2004. As in the past 7 years of its existence, the school continues to serve the interests of the many socially and economically backward people for the cause of enrichment of their knowledge and to help them to excel in their life.

The school is served by an intellectual band of learned teachers dedicated to improve the learning and future living of their students. The laboratories of the school are fully operational and are regularly replenished with essential supplies to foster the logical thinking and inquisitive experimenting interests of the students. The library of the school is a house of numerous books, journals and periodicals across a wide array of disciplines, so to kindle and nurture the interests of the students in the areas of their likes, tastes and talents.

The M.A.M. Matriculation Higher Secondary School is provided with a superior infrastructure to aid, support and advance student learning and preparation for the roles, choices and challenges those await them in the future, near and afar. The school provides the necessary inputs and exposure which is meticulously planned, closely monitored and professionally delivered under a watchful body of eminent educationists and successful industrialists at the School Academic Council, headed by Dr. S. Sathikh, the former Vice Chancellor of the Madras University.